FABBS Responds to NIH RFI on Proposed Simplified Review Framework

FABBS responded to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Request for Information (RFI) in support of the Proposed Simplified Review Framework for NIH Research Project Grant Applications. The new framework aims to reduce the reputational biases in NIH’s grant application review process. 

[FABBS Response Memo to NIH Proposed Framework RFI] [Background information for NIH Proposed Framework] [NIH RFI for a Proposed Simplified Review Framework

FABBS’ key supported changes: 

  • De-emphasizing the prestige of institutions/investigative teams by scoring an application’s expertise and resources from ‘additional resources needed’ to ‘fully capable’ rather than on a numbered score 
  • Prioritizingthe significance and approach of research projects 
  • Simplifying criteria to ease grant reviewer load 

Board members Dr. Edith Chen and Dr. Adriana Galván contributed significant comments within FABBS’ RFI response. FABBS continues to actively advocate for institutional policies informed by our sciences.