Open Science for Publishers

FABBS acknowledges the complexities surrounding open access and is dedicated to promoting its progress. Below is a collection of resources available to assist publishers in adopting more open practices for their publishing and journal subscription models.

Publishing Models

Publishing practices can promote or hinder open science depending on the model used to pay for journals. Two typical models are the traditional, standard subscription model and the diamond open access model.  

In the standard subscription model, also known as the paywall model, readers (or their institutions) are required to pay a subscription fee to access the full text of research articles published in a journal. The publisher generates revenue from these subscription fees, which are typically used to cover the costs of journal production, peer review, and editorial services. This model can limit access to research findings, as only those who can afford the subscription fees are able to access the published content. 

The diamond open access model, on the other hand, offers free and unrestricted access to research articles for readers, without charging any article processing charges (APCs) to the authors. In this model, the costs associated with journal production, peer review, and editorial services are typically covered by external funding sources, such as academic institutions, research organizations, or government agencies. This model promotes open science by making research findings accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their ability to pay for subscriptions.