Board of Directors

The FABBS Board is a group of experienced behavioral and psychological scientists who are committed to communicating their research and knowledge to federal decision makers and the public more broadly.

About the Board

Elected by the Council of Representatives, Board members oversee FABBS’ activities and interact regularly with the Washington, DC office to create an agenda for advancing our disciplines and improving the quality of life for all. Since we cannot take for granted the federal support for our sciences, FABBS Board members work to ensure that we have a presence in Washington, DC, and that scientists in our disciplines have a seat at the table.

Board Documents and Links (For Board Member Business Only)

Board members


Philip Rubin, PhD

Haskins Laboratories & Yale University

01/22 to 12/23

VICE President

Rae Silver, PhD

Barnard College & Columbia University

01/22 to 12/23


Jeffrey M. Zacks, PhD

Washington University St. Louis

01/22 to 12/23

Vice President-Elect

Adriana Galván, PhD

University of California Los Angeles

01/22 to 12/24

Past President

Roxane Cohen Silver, PhD

University of California, Irvine

01/22 to 12/23

Past Vice President

Robert J. DeRubeis, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

01/22 to 12/23


Bud Fennema, PhD

Florida State University

01/22 to 12/23


Vivian Tseng, PhD

Foundation for Child Development

01/21 to 12/23


Edith Chen, PhD

Northwestern University

01/22 to 12/24


Robert Sellers, PhD

University of Michigan

01/21 to 12/23

Colin Saldanha Headshot


Colin Saldanha, PhD

American University

01/23 to 12/25

Kerri Johnson


Kerri Johnson, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles

01/23 to 12/25



Janet Frick, PhD

University of Georgia

01/23 to 12/25

Ex-Officio, Executive Director

Juliane Baron, MPAff