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Science writers created public-friendly versions of selected articles from the PIBBS journal as part of our Research to Policy program, which sought to spread an appreciation for brain and behavioral research and its importance to society.

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Measurement in Behavioral Sciences: Moving Beyond the “Sum-and-Alpha” Approach

A recent article urging behavioral scientists to re-evaluate measurement standards suggests many studies may be drawing conclusions that are not supported by data. According to Dr. Daniel McNeish’s “Limitations of the Sum-and-Alpha Approach to Measurement in Behavioral Research” published in …

Boosting Baby’s Brain

Uncovering the Causal Effects of Sleep in Infant Cognitive Development

Babies spend most of their time asleep, and the critical importance of sleep for their development has long been recognized. Much of the research on sleep’s impact on cognitive development …

New Research Emphasizes a Need to Update Anti-Bullying Regulations and Increase Funding to Mitigate Weight-Based Mistreatment Among Adolescents

Findings from Leah M. Lessard and Samantha E. Lawrence published in Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences show that as many as four-in-five high school students have observed weight-based mistreatment at school. Weight is the most commonly cited …

Addressing Stigmatizing Environments to Reduce Sexual Minorities’ Health Disparities

Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences

In the last two decades, the United States has been a stage for significant increase in equality for the LGBTQ community as seen by the legalization of same-sex marriage, progress in HIV …

Bridging the Socio-Economic Divide in the Era of Covid

We’ve been told for eons that to get ahead you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Not really, according to new research in Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Data show, and 83 percent of Americans …

Biased? Probably.

January 22, 2021

Ever left an Airbnb without waving a friendly good-bye to the hosts?  If you’re white, probably no big deal.  If you’re Black, well the hosts may have thought you were trying to hide something.

New research in …

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