PIBBS Journal


Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences is a publication that presents original research and scientific reviews relevant to public policy. PIBBS aims to:

  • Allow scientists to share research that can help build sound policies.
  • Allow policymakers to provide feedback to the scientific community regarding research that could address societal challenges.
  • Encourage the scientific community to build models that seriously consider implementation to address the needs of society.

Issues to date have addressed policy areas in clinical science, education research, cognitive psychology, and social and personality psychology.

Policy Insights from Behavioral, Clinical, and Health Sciences (Volume 9, Issue 2)

Infant and Child Development (Volume 9, Issue 1)

Child Development Psychology (Volume 8, Issue 2)

Social Psychology (Volume 8, Issue 1)

Social Psychology (Volume 7, Issue 2)

Education Research (Volume 7, Issue 1)

Education Research (Volume 6, Issue 2)

Cognitive Sciences (Volume 6, Issue 1)

Cognitive Sciences (Volume 5, Issue 2)

Biobehavioral, Multivariate Experimental, and Social Psychological Sciences (Volume 5, Issue 1)

Biobehaviorial Sciences (Volume 4, Issue 2)

Education Research (Volume 3 , Issue 2)

Education Research (Volume 3, Issue 1)

Cognitive Psychology (Volume 2)

Social and Personality Psychology (Volume 1)