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Q & A with Arthur “Skip” Lupia, NSF

October 9, 2019

Dr. Arthur Lupia is Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation. In that capacity, he serves as head of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBE). He also serves the Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan and as co-chair of the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Subcommittee on Open Science. Prior to arriving at NSF, he served as Chairperson of

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Behavioral and Brain Sciences on Capitol Hill

September 25, 2019

September has been an action-packed month on Capitol Hill. While the Senate has been focused on appropriations, House Committees have been holding hearings, hosting briefings, and introducing legislation on a wide range of topics relevant to brain and behavioral scientists.

The House Committee on Science Space and Technology held a hearing on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work. Witnesses included Dr. Arthur “Skip” Lupia, the Assistant Director of the

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Continuing Resolution Expected to Keep Government Open Until November 21 and Senate Appropriations Activity

September 25, 2019

At press time, the Senate was poised to pass a continuing resolution (CR) (H.R. 4378) to keep the government open and avoid a government shutdown. The House of Representatives voted (301-123) last week to pass the CR  and the President is expected to sign it.

While certainly critical to keep the government open, the CR maintains current spending levels and conditions until November 21. These levels are a five percent cut from the budget deal (H.R. 3877) signed into

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Q&A with Jennifer Pearl, STPF Director, AAAS

September 25, 2019

Photo credit: Kat Song

Dr. Jennifer Pearl is a mathematician and director of the Science & Technology Policy Fellowships program at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). FABBS societies AERA, APA, SRCD, and SPSSI all partner with AAAS to sponsor fellows.

What is the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship?

Science & Technology Policy Fellowship (STPF) is the premier opportunity
for highly trained scientists and

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