FABBS Welcomes Summer Interns

June 9, 2022

FABBS is delighted to welcome two summer interns from departments in the psychological and brain sciences at our university affiliates – Danya Kariv from Boston University and Paige Wilson from East Tennessee State University. FABBS offers undergraduate hybrid internship opportunities where students can gain experience in the fields of science communication and advocacy in the nation’s capital. We invited Danya and Paige to discuss what they hope to get out of the experience and their projects during their time at FABBS. 

(Left to right) Danya Kariv, Boston University, and Paige Wilson, East Tennessee State University; FABBS Summer 2022 Interns

Please introduce yourself and what you’re currently studying in college. 

Danya: Hello, my name is Danya Kariv. I am a rising junior at Boston University pursuing a double major in international relations and psychology. Though I have called many places home both domestically and internationally, I was born in New York City and mostly raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am an avid reader, love to cook and bake, and am enjoying discovering Washington D.C. and all of the beauty and experiences it has to offer. 

Paige: My name is Paige Wilson. I am a junior at East Tennessee State University. I am a psychology major with a minor in biology, and I am particularly interested in abnormal psychology and neuroscience. In my free time, I enjoy reading books of almost any genre, playing volleyball, kayaking–rather anything outdoors–and playing card/board games. 

What interested you about FABBS and how might this align with your professional plans? 

Danya: I chose to combine international relations and psychology because my true passion in life is understanding and helping people. To this end, I am interested in exploring how people function, both alone and together. International relations (on a macro level) and psychology (on a micro level) each explore a different facet of humanity that I believe is essential to understanding and bettering lives. Through my studies, I came to the realization that health and science are at the core of both of my fields of interest. One cannot truly understand the world we live in and how each person operates within it without the sciences, which is what drew me to intern with FABBS. I find the dedication to truth, compassion, and advancement that this organization holds inspiring. I am certain that this internship will bring me insight to both of my fields of study and introduce me to the inner workings of the professional and policymaking world. 

Paige:  I initially became interested in FABBS because I noticed its mission to extend the general knowledge regarding behavioral and brain sciences through researchers and the public alike. FABBS’ mission to promote scientific research is a value that I find imperative as an aspiring neuroscientific researcher, and I look forward to learning about the applications of behavioral and brain research–that I hope to conduct one day–as it is incorporated into policy.

What do you plan on working on during your time with FABBS? 

Danya: During my time with FABBS as a summer intern, I plan on attending as many conferences, speeches, and hearings as I can to learn from the experts and have a part in the spread of new and groundbreaking ideas in the field. The few that I have already attended during the first days of my internship have greatly sparked my interest and I am looking forward to the ones ahead. I also plan on writing articles for the newsletter, and I am greatly interested in working on the Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences (PIBBS) Journal. I am very excited to learn from everyone at FABBS and experience everything interning in D.C. has to offer. 

Paige: Throughout my internship, I will assist with publishing articles within the newsletters. I also plan to learn more about scientific research within my field of interest and to further understand the implications and applications of such research. I will do this through attending meetings and hearings hosted by federal agencies or scientific research-related organizations.

What are your plans post-graduation? 

Danya: After graduating from Boston University, I plan on either attending law school or pursuing a master’s in public policy, international relations, or psychology. I have many options to explore for my future and I am excited by them all. I am sure that my summer in Washington D.C. will illuminate the right path for me. Regardless of where my next steps take me, I am certain that FABBS will be instrumental in my future studies and experiences, and I am immeasurably grateful for this opportunity.

Paige: Upon completion of my undergraduate education, I plan to attend graduate school to earn my PhD in Psychology in hopes of becoming a professor/researcher of Psychology/Neuroscience. I might also take a gap year or two to work as a lab tech assistant or wherever else the wind takes me after I graduate. 

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