Upcoming Webinars

Connecting Research to Policy at the Nexus of Health and Education

Wednesday, Feb 17 at 11:00am (ET)

Zewelanji “Zewe” Serpell, Associate Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, will present on the challenges and opportunities for connecting research to federal policy. She will draw from her experiences serving on the House Education and Labor Committee as an American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science and Technology Congressional Fellow sponsored by the American Educational Research Association. Dr. Serpell will share her insights about what congressional staffers might be working on this session, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer actionable ideas for FABBS members interested in using their research to inform policy.


Connecting & Building Relationships

Tuesday, Feb 23 at 3:00pm (ET)

This training gives scholars an introduction to practical and effective strategies to ensure that researchers’ findings and perspectives inform policy. Even for researchers with a working knowledge of policymaking spaces (like state legislatures and agencies) and a clear goal for their public engagement, questions about how exactly to approach targeted audiences and build trusting relationships for maximum impact may remain. This session provides evidence-based instructions for how to begin and maintain productive relationships with policymakers, how to engage with civic intermediaries in order to better reach policymakers, and what strategies are critical for creating mutual trust. This workshop is appropriate for researchers with varying levels of experience engaging with policymakers. Hosted by the Scholars Strategy Network.