J. Bruce Overmier, PhD


J. Bruce Overmier, PhD

Professor of Psychology, Graduate Faculties of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science, University of Minnesota

Presentation 1: Unique Teaching Procedures that Facilitate Learning and Short-term Memory in Learning Challenged Populations from Infancy through Senility

Presentation 2: Basic Psychological Science in Support of Clinical Practice: How Preclinical Science Reestablishes the Role of Psychological Factors in Gastric Ulcer

Speaker Background:
Overmier received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (learning) and completed his post-doctoral research at Queen Mary College, University of London, London, UK (Zoology and Comparative Physiology). He has honorary degrees as follows: Dr. Sci. honoris causa, Kenyon College (Ohio); Universite’ de Montreal (Canada), and Universitet i Bergen (Norway).

Overmier studies how conditions of learning influence working memory and choices, defensive behavior, and stress, as well as the psychological factors modulating gastric ulcers. He has written 200 articles, chapters and books. He is past editor of Learning & Motivation; Animal Research and Human Health: Advancing Human Welfare Through Behavioral Science; and Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource.  He has received awards and is board member and past-president of several psychological societies including the International Union of Psychological Science.