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FABBS reports on items of interest to many communities – scientists, policymakers, and the public. In our news, you will see updates on science funding and policy, articles that translate research for policy, and descriptions of the research contributions of scientists at all stages of their research careers.

Q&A with Mark Schneider, IES Director

April 15, 2020

Before joining IES, Mark Schneider was a vice president and an Institute Fellow at American Institutes for Research (AIR) and President of College Measures. Prior to joining AIR, Dr. Schneider served as Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics from 2005–2008. In 2013, the Chronicle of Higher Education selected him as one of the 10 people who had the most impact on higher education policy that year.

For those who aren’t familiar, what is the

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Comics: A Valuable Interplay of Visual Art and Words

March 26, 2020

a boy Neil Cohn loved comics, and he turned that love into an original and respected
scientific domain influenced by linguistics and integrating drawing and
language into a common understanding.

“I study people’s minds and brains and how they understand visual information,” Cohn says from his home in the Netherlands.  He studies how people process visual information, especially drawings used in comics and emoji, and he compares drawings and graphics with the

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Guidance and Resources Regarding COVID-19

March 26, 2020

For future updates, please see our COVID-19 page.

Information and guidance for the general public, as well as researchers and scientific societies, has developed and changed quickly as the understanding of COVID-19 deepens. Here is a compilation of resources, federal and agency notices, and other updates that may be of interest to our members.

OMB Notices

These memos from the White House Office of Management and Budget provided a range of administrative relief and

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FABBS Commnents on Modernization of Clinical Trials and OBSSR Invites Research on Gun Violence

March 26, 2020

In response to a request for comment, FABBS provided feedback on NIH plans regarding the modernization of FABBS strongly supports efforts to update infrastructure and usability of and shares a strong commitment to transparency and maximizing availability of federally funded research. FABBS identified concerns about consequences of the NIH expansion of the definition of clinical trials, particularly with regards to the challenges of

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