Endless Frontiers Symposium Charts Ambitious Path for Science

October 27, 2022

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), in collaboration with the Kavli Foundation and SLOAN Foundation, hosted the “Endless Frontier Symposium 2022: Research and Higher Education Institutions for the Next 75 Years” on September 22nd. The event built upon a similar convening in February 2020 and brought together a diverse group of experts to discuss how leading research institutions must optimize their work to meet the complex challenges of the future.  

The symposium focused on four topics: 

  • Re-evaluating the Structure of Institutions and the Scientific Enterprise 
  • The “Valleys of Death:” Addressing the Translational Gaps between Discovery and Innovation
  • Producing the Right Technical and Professional Science Workforce: Ensuring Inclusivity, Increasing Diversity, and Improving Training 
  • Is the Science and Technology Enterprise Optimized to Benefit Society? 

Speakers on each of these areas touched upon priorities for FABBS and our member societies. The value of cross-disciplinary research emerged, and all speakers spoke about the importance of diverse scientific communities. Dr. Keith Yamamoto underscored the potential for multiple approaches to produce more innovative science and that emphasizing ethics and equity can help science better address societal challenges. 

The recording for the event is available here