WT Grant Foundation: Research Grants on Improving the Use of Research Evidence (Coming soon)

October 21, 2021

The William T. Grant Foundation invests in high-quality research focused on reducing inequality in youth outcomes and improving the use of research evidence in decisions that affect young people in the United States. Check out the Foundation's website here.

W.T. Grant Foundation will be announcing the upcoming funding opportunity titled “Research Grants on Improving the Use of Research Evidence.” We encourage FABBS membership to apply, as it relates to social scientists across a range of disciplines, fields, and methodologies. Previous research teams have also drawn on work from political science, communication science, implementation science, organizational psychology and other areas related to the use of research. FABBS will continue to monitor updates in the announcement of this opportunity.

Please refer to the 2021 current application guidance that gives an overview of the priority area to help your 2022 applications: 2021-Application-Guidelines-URE.pdf (wtgrantfoundation.org).

Here is a short video explaining the overall initiative: What we fund: Research on strategies to improve the use of research evidence (VIDEO) | William T. Grant Foundation (wtgrantfoundation.org).