Scientists Showcase “Neuroscience Discoveries in Reading and Dyslexia” on Capitol Hill

FABBS was pleased to invite Joanna Christodoulou, EdD (MGH Institute of Health Professions and Harvard Graduate School of Education) and Tyler Perrachione, PhD (Boston University) to present their research at the 23rd Annual Coalition for National Science Funding’s Exhibition and Reception on Capitol Hill. The event, “Investments in Scientific and Educational Research: Fueling American Innovation,” took place on May 16th, 2017, in the Rayburn House Building, where 35 exhibitors represented their scientific societies and universities and mingled with members of Congress, staff members, NSF leaders, and others in the community.

Dr. Christodoulou and Dr. Perrachione described the research support and training provided by the National Science Foundation through awards to their mentor Dr. John Gabrieli (MIT). Perrachione was supported by a Graduate Research Fellowship award in “Psychology-Cognitive Neuroscience” and Christodoulou by a NSF award on “Neurocognitive Underpinnings of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia,” an award in which she is a co-principal investigator. The poster presentation on Capitol Hill highlighted three lines of dyslexia research from these investigators, all within the theme of “Neuroscience Discoveries in Reading and Dyslexia.”

Before presenting at the CNSF event, FABBS staff also accompanied the researchers to meet their representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss their research on brain plasticity and dyslexia interventions. They spoke to staff members of Senator Markey, Senator Warren, Congressman Capuano, and staff of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. The Chairman of the House Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, introduced the recently passed READ Act, which directs the NSF to devote at least $2.5 million annually to dyslexia research.

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