National Institute on Aging Advancing New Research Initiatives on Alzheimer’s

At the recent National Advisory Council on Aging meeting, 26 new concept proposals focused on Alzheimer’s and related dementia’s were approved by Council. According to NIA Director Richard Hodes, the concept proposals will be developed into a “record number” of new Funding Opportunity Announcements in the next few months. NIA has benefited from increased federal funding for Alzheimer’s research over the last few years and is expected to receive additional increases this fiscal year, assuming Congress can pass the appropriations bills – as an omnibus or minibuses — when it returns after the elections.

The new concepts “represent directions where we hope that research can lead us toward better methods of prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s and improved care options for patients and their families,” Hodes writes in a recent blog post. As a result, NIA hopes to “stretch the field” through these research opportunities.

See NIA’s list of concepts:

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