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FABBS Welcomes the Vision Sciences Society

FABBS brings together scientific societies that share an interest in the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior. We are pleased to welcome our newest scientific society, the Vision Sciences Society (VSS). VSS was founded in 2001, and represents scientists who are interested in the functional aspects of vision, including visual psychophysics, neuroscience, computational vision, and cognitive psychology. The next Annual Meeting of VSS will be held May 18-23, 2018, in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

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FABBS Joins Science CEOs to Call for Increases in Science Funding

February 16, 2018

On the heels of the budget deal reached last week in Congress, the CEOs of numerous scientific organizations temporarily celebrated, but recognized that the increase in the budget caps for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 would not necessarily translate into increases in science funding.

Early this week, Research America coordinated a letter among Science CEOs that thanked the House and Senate leadership (majority and minority), as well as the Chair and Ranking Members of the

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Science Societies Push for Science-Based Decision Making

January 9, 2018

There was a flurry of activity among science societies when it was first reported that the Administration had banned the use of seven words in budget documents by officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agency’s director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, was quick to respond that no words were banned, and others at CDC characterized the effort as an attempt to ensure approval of their budget with a Republican Congress. Last week she also sent a letter

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Petition to Support Peer Review Launched

June 21st, 2017

On June 12, the Coalition to Promote Research (CPR) released a petition urging Congress to support the nation’s scientific research enterprise by allowing the federal peer and merit review processes to judge the relevance of research proposals. The goal of the petition is to inform members of Congress about constituent support for good scientific stewardship and peer/merit review.

CPR hopes the petition will persuade members of Congress to oppose any efforts that may

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