Stephen J. Ceci, PhD


Stephen J. Ceci, PhD

L. Carr Professor of Developmental Psychology
Cornell University

Steve Ceci is the author of  ~ 400 articles, books, commentaries, reviews, and chapters—many in the premier journals of the field (Psychological Review, Psychological Bulletin, Nature, PNAS, JEP: General, Psychological Science, BBS). He has given hundreds of invited addresses and keynote speeches around the world (Harvard, Cambridge University, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, University of Rome, University of Oslo, Max Plank Institutes in Munich and Berlin).  He served on the Advisory Board of the National Science Foundation for seven years (the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences), and was a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Board of Behavioral and Sensory Sciences for six years. He has served on the editorial boards of over twenty journals. His major honors and scientific awards include: 

  • The Society for Research in Child Development’s Lifetime Award for Research,
  • The Division 15’s Edward L. Thorndike Award for Lifetime Contributions to Empirical and Theoretical Research, 
  • The American Academy of Forensic Psychology’s Lifetime Distinguished Contribution Award, 
  • The American Psychological Association’s 2002 Lifetime Distinguished Contribution Award for Science and Society, 
  • The APA 2003 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award for the Application of Psychology (shared with Elizabeth F. Loftus), and
  • The Association for Psychological Science’s James McKeen Cattell Award in 2005 (shared with E. Mavis Hetherington)

Ceci’s major contributions fall into two areas, the reliability of children’s testimony and the bio-ecology of intelligence. In the former, his work with Maggie Bruck is widely cited in both scientific journals and court rulings, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Their integrative analyses in Psychological Bulletin and the Annual Review of Psychology have together been cited over 2,000 times (Google Scholar). Their findings revealed major developmental shifts in children’s report accuracy due to a confluence of social, cognitive, and neurobiological changes that unfold over middle childhood. Their book, Jeopardy in the Courtroom: A scientific Analysis of Children’s Testimony won the APA William James Book Award. Ceci’s research on the bio-ecology of intelligence has produced several classic papers. His experimental analysis of the relationship between complex handicapping at the racetrack and IQ that eventuated in his article with Jeffrey Liker, A Day At The Races (JEP:General, 1985) made Mensa’s list of the 5 most influential articles in the past thirty years. His work on the effect of schooling on IQ is highly cited as well because it calls into question the traditional view of general intelligence. His overall h index is 64, with ~23,000 cites. 

Ceci has appeared frequently in the national and international media to discuss his research findings, including: ABC’s 20/20 (twice), NBC’s Dateline (twice), ABC’s Nightline, ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC’s Primetime Live (twice), PBS’s Frontline (twice), CBS’s 48 Hours, PBS’s McNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, BBC (three times), CBC’s Fifth Estate, and numerous magazines and newspapers including the Wall Street Journal (twice), The New York Times (five times), The  New Yorker (three times), The Washington Post (four times), Time Magazine (twice), Newsweek (twice), The London Times, and Reader’s Digest.  He is past president of the Society for General Psychology, and currently he serves on 9 editorial boards, including Scientific American Mind and Psychological Bulletin

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Stephen Ceci, Cornell University
Yoojin Chae, Texas Tech University
Nadia Chernyak, Brown University
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Cornell University
Frank Farley, Temple University
J R Flynn, University of Otago
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Valerie Hans, Cornell University
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Michelle Leichtman, The University of New Hampshire
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Elizabeth Loftus, University of California, Irvine
Kamala London, University of Toledo
Antariksh Mahajan
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Paul Papierno, Cornell University
Sharon Ramey, Virginia Tech
Valerie Reyna, Cornell University
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* Robert Sternberg, Cornell University
Charlotte Sweeney, Cornell University
Michael Toglia, University of North Florida
Elliot Tucker-Drob, University of Texas
Elaine Walker, Emory University
Amye Warren, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

 * The FABBS Foundation would like to thank Dr. Robert Sternberg for nominating Dr. Ceci for this honor and for leading the effort to spread the word about his nomination.

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