Kathleen H. Corriveau, Ed.D.


American Educational Research Association


Kathleen H. Corriveau, Ed.D.

Boston University

"Answering the Endless ‘Why?’: Children’s Questions Matter, and So Do Our Answers"

Kathleen Corriveau is an Associate Professor in Human Development at Boston University School of Education, where she directs the Social Learning Laboratory. Her research focuses on social and cognitive development in childhood, with a specific focus on how children decide what people and what information are trustworthy sources. Her work has shown that children differ in their biases to trust individuals even before entering formal schooling. Her research focuses on the malleable factors associated with children’s selective trust in individuals in formal and informal settings through partnerships with the Museum of Science Boston.

Corriveau is the recipient of the 2015 AERA Division E Distinguished Research Award, and was elected as a fellow to the Psychonomic Society in 2014. She was named a “Rising Star” by the Association of Psychological Science in 2015. She is a recipient of the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and recently received a CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation.

At a time when the public is struggling to differentiate between ‘fake news’ and reliable reporting, Dr. Corriveau’s work gets to the heart of the question of how individuals almost instinctively either believe or dismiss information. This research raises critical questions about how to counter these biases or how to account for them when striving to share factual information.

Corriveau’s research findings have been covered by the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and USA Today. She has presented her research to a range of groups in the U.S. and across the globe, including invited talks at the University of Cambridge in 2016, the 2015 Conference on Teacher’s Cognition in Paris, and The Tenth International School on Mind held in Italy. The partnerships she has developed with museums inform how teachers portray scientific concepts in their classrooms, particularly for early learners.

Dr. Corriveau is an associate professor at Boston University. She received her EdD at Harvard University, where she also completed a post-doctoral fellowship.